Grant Categories

The Hall Family Foundation concentrates its philanthropic efforts on six primary areas of need in the Kansas City Area.

Early and K-12 Education:
Grantmaking in early, elementary and secondary education seeks to promote excellence and access to a quality education. We prefer to support organizations, programs and projects that address the educational needs of urban school children with a particular interest in systemic reform/improvement efforts, closing achievement gaps and building human capital.


Higher Education:
The Foundation makes Higher Education grants for select programs that are considered centers of excellence. We emphasize programs that expand research capacity and education opportunities. We recognize the link between Higher Education and the economic vitality of the region.


Children, Youth and Families:
Grants in this category intend to improve well-being among children, youth and families who are vulnerable due to race or economic disparities, limited resources, or exposure to violence, and to assist those in need of support to have access to opportunities to achieve their greatest potential.


Neighborhood Revitalization:
Our neighborhood revitalization grantmaking seeks to prevent or overcome blight and deterioration of the urban core and its neighborhoods. We prefer to support organizations, programs and projects that promote lasting, comprehensive redevelopment in targeted areas or whose work leverages HFF grant awards in other interest areas that may affect specific neighborhoods.


The Arts:
Grants in The Arts encourage excellence in the community’s performing and visual arts organizations. Top priority is given to programs that enhance quality, strengthen management and increase audience development. While larger, established arts groups take priority, we also invest in smaller groups that fill a specific arts niche.


With a goal of better overall health in our community, grants in this category intend to help those with limited resources achieve equitable access to quality health care, including physical and mental health services; expand the community’s capacity to provide the highest quality health services; and increase residents’ knowledge and ability to achieve positive health outcomes for themselves.


Additional Interests:
Grants in this category include Foundation support of community-wide efforts that seek to provide long-term solutions to high priority local issues, such as Life Sciences.

The Hall Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.