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Does the Foundation fund organizations outside the Kansas City area?
The Foundation generally does not support funding for organizations outside the Kansas City area. The Foundation prefers to concentrate its philanthropic efforts in the greater Kansas City region, including Jackson, Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri, and Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas.

What are the Foundation’s funding priorities?
We focus our grantmaking in a way that honors our founders’ intent and operates in alignment with our mission, vision and values – to center our work on ensuring all people experience what is possible.

We understand that improving life for all requires an interconnected approach. Therefore, through our grantmaking we seek to increase economic opportunities for all, with an intentional focus on communities of color, those not earning a livable wage, and families experiencing poverty. Kansas City’s community needs will guide us as we work together to create stronger partnerships with communities, nonprofit partners, and foundation colleagues, in order to increase opportunities for all to succeed.

We believe that as we expand our reach and increase our impact through new, strengthened, and reimagined partnerships within our three impact areas, we will help build a community where the determinants of an improved quality of life are equitable and enjoyable by all.

To achieve our vision of enabling all people in our community to experience what is possible; to achieve their greatest potential, and to create a bigger impact, our grantmaking will focus on three interconnected impact areas: KC SpiritProspering Communities, and Growing Minds.

  • KC Spirit: Elevating Kansas City
    • To ensure that greater Kansas City’s regional assets, cultural organizations, and sense of community make it a thriving and inclusive place to live.
    • Make Kansas City stronger by embracing all in our stories & vision for the city through investments in regional assets, arts & culture, and community wide initiatives.
  • Prospering Communities: Increasing equity for all
    • To support families through organizations and initiatives that take a holistic approach to reducing poverty and increasing equity and well-being.
    • Communities prosper when there are equitable opportunities to access education, housing, employment, and health care. We prioritize investments that take systemic and comprehensive approaches to increasing opportunities for all to thrive in their neighborhoods of choice.
    • Grantmaking focuses on economic inclusion – livable neighborhoods – healthcare – emergency and safety net services.
  • Growing Minds: Creating strong educational foundation for life
    • We prioritize investments that improve outcomes and access to quality programming for children and their families in education.
    • Grantmaking focuses on Pre-K, K-12, post-secondary, and wrap-around support services, in addition to out-of-classroom initiatives that address barriers to education and provide additional academic support.

Does the Foundation make operating support grants?
The Foundation generally does not provide operating support grants. The Foundation prefers investments in capital projects and programs that enrich the community, help people and promote excellence. The Foundation views its primary function as that of a catalyst, seeking to be responsive to programs that are innovative. Working with the nonprofit community in the Greater Kansas City region, the Foundation strives to create permanent solutions to community needs.

Does the Foundation have an application?
The Foundation does have a process for those requesting funding. This process includes an interest form, letter of interest, and follow up questions. Our goal is to use these tools as a starting point for conversations with grant seekers regarding their proposal and the needs it addresses.

Does the Foundation have request deadlines?
No, requests may be submitted at any time. Requests are accepted and reviewed on a year-round basis. Any deadlines will be decided and communicated through conversations with a Program Officer.

How long does the approval process take?
The board meets quarterly, the fourth Wednesday in March, June, September, and the second Monday in December.

Are there organizations the Foundation does NOT fund?
Yes, the Foundation seldom makes grants to or for the following:

  • Organizations outside of the Kansas City region
  • Political parties, candidates or political activities
  • Individuals
  • International organizations
  • Religious organizations where the primary purpose is promotion of a specific religious doctrine
  • Endowments
  • Scholarly research
  • Event promotion (such as telethons, walk-a-thons, golf tournaments, parties)
  • Past operating deficits
  • Travel or conference expenses
  • 509(a)(3) organizations
  • Crowdfunding initiatives

What grant amount should my organization apply for?
Grants vary in size based on the program or project. We value organizations that have a diversified base of support and advise that agencies should not rely on the Foundation for substantial, annual support.

Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?
Yes, the Foundation has made grants over two to five years depending on the type of project involved.

Will I be required to submit reports showing how my grant is being used?
Yes, the Foundation requires an annual report. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure that the grant is used for the purposes indicated in the grant award.

How many proposals may I submit?
The Foundation typically accepts no more than one proposal per year per agency.

How will my organization know if its application has been approved?
The program officer who has been working on the request will contact the executive director (or primary contact) by phone or email. An award letter will follow.

Is the Hall Family Foundation part of Hallmark Cards or the Hallmark Corporate Foundation?
No, the Hall Family Foundation is separate from Hallmark and the Hallmark Corporate Foundation. The Hall Family Foundation’s assets were derived from the estate of Hallmark Cards, Inc.’s founder Mr. Joyce C. Hall, his wife, Elizabeth Ann Hall, and his brother, Rollie B. Hall. Grants from the Hallmark Corporate Foundation are funded from Hallmark Cards’ annual profits. More information about the Hallmark Corporate Foundation can be found here.

What should I do if I have additional questions?
Please contact the Foundation office at

The Hall Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.