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Recipient Accountability

REPORTING. Grant recipients may be asked to make periodic written progress reports on grant outcomes. The Foundation may also monitor grants by telephone, correspondence and/or site visits. At the conclusion of the grant, recipients are expected to submit a written report describing the outcomes and the use of the funds.

USE OF GRANT FUNDS. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to ensure that the grant is used for the charitable purposes indicated in the grant request unless otherwise authorized by the Foundation. In certain cases the recipient may be asked to sign a statement to this effect prior to the disbursement of funds. If for any reason the grant is used for other than the stated charitable purposes without prior permission, the Foundation reserves the right to cancel any future grant payouts. Additionally, under no circumstances should the recipient use Foundation grant funds to influence the outcome of any election for public office, to facilitate voter registration drives, or to influence local, state or federal legislation.

PUBLICITY. The Foundation does not seek publicity for its grant awards, but will include information about grants on its website and in its annual reports. If the recipient wishes to issue a press release or announcement regarding the grant award, the Foundation appreciates the opportunity to review and comment on any materials prior to release.

TAX-EXEMPT STATUS. The recipient is responsible for maintaining its tax-exempt status as a public charity throughout the grant period. Should the recipient’s tax-exempt status change or be challenged by the Internal Revenue Service, the recipient must notify the Foundation within fourteen (14) calendar days of such change in status and/or classification. The Foundation reserves its right to terminate the grant under such circumstances and all unspent funds must be returned to the Foundation.

SUPPLEMENTAL GRANT AGREEMENT. Depending on the recipient’s tax-exempt status or change in tax-exempt status, the Foundation may require the recipient to enter into a supplemental grant agreement that specifies the recipient’s obligation to (i) use the grant for the charitable purpose specified in the grant request, (ii) return any portion of the grant not used for such purpose, (iii) provide annual reports to the Foundation related to the use of the grant, and (iv) maintain and make available to the Foundation the recipient’s books and records related to the use of the grant.

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