KC Spirit

Elevating Kansas City

We are committed to helping Kansas City be a thriving and inclusive community. We invest in organizations and initiatives that contribute to our community’s appeal and cohesion.

Fortify Regional Assets
Our focus is on organizations that profoundly shape the culture, economic opportunity, health, and vibrancy of the Greater Kansas City area for all people. Our grants are focused on helping those organizations innovate, broaden their programming reach, and build organizational and financial capacity.

Respond to Community-Wide Initiatives
We remain flexible in our grantmaking strategies in order to participate in mission and strategy-aligned initiatives that respond to unique and important community needs and opportunities as they arise.

Uplift the Arts & Culture Sector
We see the arts as a critical component of cultivating and enriching community through the power of storytelling. We focus on strengthening the arts ecosystem, building appreciation, respect, and open dialogue for all, with an emphasis on inclusiveness, excellence, sustainability, and innovation.