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Our Approach

A shared vision for the future
As a foundation, we must deepen our understanding of the community’s needs, listen to those closest to the issues, and respond in new ways in order to be more effective. As we center our work on achieving our vision for all, we will strive to understand systemic inequities and institutional racism through conversations with those who have lived experiences and insights. We will seek to provide opportunity for more people to thrive, meet the most urgent needs of today, and create shared value and positive outcomes for all.

We have identified three unifying objectives that will guide our funding approach and help ensure we practice our core values as we support our community’s work.

 Centering Community

  • Listening with intention and deep respect to better understand and respond to unique and culturally relevant insights of the diverse communities we seek to serve.
  • We still have much to learn and understand – we do not have all the answers; we seek to be part of finding community driven solutions.

Building Collaboration

  • Collaborating enhances the probability of sustainable success for the community.
  • We look for partners who share our values and commitment to collaboration in forging solutions to our community’s needs.

Renewing our Mindset

  • Seeking innovative ways and interventions to provide greater access to and opportunities for everyone to meaningfully participate and benefit from the many assets and resources our community has to offer.
  • Our grantmaking will evolve and it will reflect our understanding that many of the issues we seek to address require sustained, patient involvement and access to resources.

The Hall Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.

Founders, Elizabeth and Joyce Hall