2017 Grant Listing

The Grant column may include grant pledges. The Paid column reflects only the amounts paid on grants in 2017. Additional payments may have been made in prior years or will be made in subsequent years.

Program AreaGrantPaid

Neighborhood Revitalization

Builders Development Corporation
Drumm Family Farm Renovations50,00050,000
Christmas in October
Roof Expansion Project50,00050,000
Community Capital Fund
Neighborhoods Rising Fund20,00020,000
Greater Kansas City Local Initiatives Support Corporation
General Operating and Program Support2,225,000741,668
KC-CUR Implementation Strategy50,00050,000
Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council
Ivanhoe Leadership Transition Plan50,00050,000
Kansas City Design Center
Overhead Support Grant30,00030,000

Neighborhood Legal Support of Kansas City, Inc.
Quiet Title Project50,00050,000
Neighborhood Revitalization Total

The Hall Family Foundation is a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life.