Grant Spotlight

Our Grant Spotlights showcase projects in the areas of education, the arts, community development, health, children, youth and families, and other high priority local issues.

Grant Spotlight
November 29, 2017

Children, Youth & Families
Urban Youth Academy

The Foundation’s grantmaking in the area of Children, Youth and Families seeks to improve well-being…

Grant Spotlight
November 24, 2017

Education (PK-12)

The Foundation’s grantmaking in the area of PK-12 education seeks to promote excellence and access…

Grant Spotlight
November 24, 2017

Higher Education

In the grantmaking category of Higher Education, the Foundation considers grants for select programs that…

Grant Spotlight
November 23, 2017

Neighborhood Revitalization
BDC & Drumm Farm

The Foundation’s grantmaking in the category of Neighborhood Revitalization seeks to reverse or prevent blight…

Grant Spotlight
November 22, 2017

Swope Health Services

Swope Health Services has recently deployed a new mobile medical unit to provide care to…

Grant Spotlight
November 21, 2017

Additional Interests
Eisenhower Museum

Going back to Mr. J.C. Hall’s friendship with first General and then President Dwight D….

Grant Spotlight
November 20, 2017

The Arts
Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Hall Family Foundation’s grantmaking in the arts emphasizes support of the region’s major visual and performing…

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